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I do not only carry out Current and Past Life Regression Therapies. I can read your Soul Personality from your Astrological birth chart. I can also read your subconscious desires and needs from the Tarot which empower you to make the changes you need on your life path. 


I hold wealth of Therapeutic Work Experiences and Educational Background in Traditional Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Past life Regression , Future Progression , Life Astrology as well as Metaphysical Sciences. 

I offer a Repertoire of Current Life and Past Life Therapies as well as Astro Tarot Counselling services to women worldwide in the comfort of their own space and home. My services can be life changing for those that are committed to self care and improvement. They do and will make a difference. 

I utilise the clients birth chart to enhance the therapies or as a stand alone therapy. The birth-chart is the clients blueprint of their personality, gifts, and abilities.  Exploring the birth chart can be a revealing mirror to the seeker and my clients always return after a period of time for more guidance as they see the benefits derived from this. 

My main aim in this role to is to reach out to many women globally who seek alternative therapies and advice however who do not have the means to approach a professional in person.  Consequently they are unable to obtain the support which will help empower themselves and improve their lives.

In order to receive my services all you need is Skype or a phone, an open mind and the dedication to make positive changes to your life.  If you feel I can help you please do get in touch. I will be happy to work with you no matter how complex your issue. The complexities can be unravelled and presented to you in a simple manner. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me today. I look forward to helping you on your journey.

About Me


I am Dr. Zaara and I am a accredited Professional Therapist with a difference. I offer Tele Therapy to women worldwide. 

I Specialise in a range of therapies aimed at the modern woman of today. I offer traditional practices of Past Life Regression, Future Progression and Hypnotherapy.


At many times I combine these with my knowledge of of Personality and Life Astrology. 

My Services are Unique, Person Centred and also Path changing. I also dedicate myself to continuous Study and Knowledge building.

I also offer Tarot sessions to unravel and cover the energies around you and those around you.


It is important to know that I do not offer solid predictions. I feel that one has the power to change their surroundings and life based on the findings of the marvel methods such as the tarot.

My purpose is to help other women live a happy, healthy life inside and out. No matter where you are, I'm a firm believer you can evolve into the person you were meant to be.

I think we owe it to ourselves to strive toward our potential and find core happiness in the process.

The first step starts with you. 

Wow, some real revelations and so thoughtfully expressed by your good self. Fascinated to know how you learnt this field. I come from 9 generations of Ayurvedic healers who also knew Vedic Astrology as the norm for that profession and so I've always somehow had a keen interest in the field and met many a vedic astrologer through the years.
What I have witnessed is, it is one thing knowing the science of Vedic astrology but it takes a deep spirituality in being able to understand it and interpret it to use it for positive change and purpose. So thank you Dr Zaara - for you are clearly one of the very few gifted and soulful practitioners in this field. - Astro Tarot Counselling 

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